FunkyTime helps freelancers and independent advisers with free tools due to the crisis

FunkyTime knows that many freelancers, independent consultants, consultants and coaches are now going through exciting times, and wants to help. It now offers the premium version of FunkyTime for one-man companies for free – and this also remains free, no catch. Tracking timesheets, flashing expenses notes through the app and creating sales invoices costs 0€ from now on! Create your free account through


Difficult times for independent knowledge workers
Now that the corona virus dominates most conversations, many independent knowledge workers are waiting anxiously. Many orders were cancelled, partly because of the practical limitations and partly because companies are now holding their breath and cutting all kinds of costs. If and when the order backlog will fill, is unclear to many. Even if the virus is soon overcome, it could take months for the economy to pick up again.


Time is money
Every self-employed person knows that an unperformed hour is definitely lost. Time never comes back. Keeping that time very accurately is therefore crucial – and is still more important once things get a little harder. If you keep track of time, you have fewer discussions with customers – and that means: get paid faster. It is certainly also useful to dwell occasionally on where time has gone. The app allows you to also opt for non-billable activities, such as administration, marketing, sales, self-study … keep track of all the time, so you can see right away where your time has gone. Then to adjust, of course.


Saved one cost – FunkyTime Premium free for the self-employed
On the cost side too, freelancers and independent advisers must now be careful. Especially the many small recurring monthly software subscriptions figure it out. Thanks to FunkyTime, one of these subscriptions is already falling away for independent consultants: the cost of keeping track of time & expenses, and for that purpose making an invoice that is immediately in a package like yuki, is 0€ from now on. This offer will remain valid for at least the rest of the year – and if the economic post-corona crisis continues, then FunkyTime extends this period.


Get back to work well prepared
Finally, FunkyTime advises all self-employed people to use these special times to prepare well for the period after the virus. Now take the time to think about time and put your administration on a bit more. Now that the second quarter of 2020 is taking off, you can start to make an initial analysis of where your time is going over the next three months. Then use this baseline measurement as a frame of reference when restarting your business.


FunkyTime already wishes all the self-employed a super-reboot after the virus!

Gepost op April 6, 2020 at 15:12