Post-crisis project portfolio replanning


What does the project portfolio look like when your business restarts? The teams of employees will be changed, orders will be cancelled or at least adjusted. Some production sites will still remain closed – or you’ll have to close them. If you start right back the old way, it’s bound to go wrong. Multi-tasking will not provide the required output, and internal change or crisis projects will not improve the team’s productivity. There is another way to move on… and get a lot  more output than before. The multi-project methodology makes it even easier to dynamically rearrange priorities and deliver on more promises than ever, without pressuring your team. Does this sound interesting?



• Advice on the reorganisation of project management
• Tools to dynamically replan your priorities and deliver on more promises
• Coaching to ensure that the tools used deliver the desired output


Your advisor
Ove De Backer, 15+ years of expertise as business unit manager and production site leader in an industrial environment



Gepost op March 13, 2020 at 11:06